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Morgan Corston


Morgan grew up in the Annapolis Valley then moved to Ontario in her late teens.  After successful careers in radio, business management and event planning she returned to Nova Scotia in 2005.


A self-confessed workaholic, usually working 50+ hours a week, the art lover still found time to design and create stained glass works. 

Now retired, she has found the time and opportunity to attend workshops and classes covering numerous mediums including fused glass, acrylics, watercolors and oils.  Encouraged and nurtured by several local artists, she continues to explore these and other mediums and her work continues to mature and develop. 


Morgan’s art works are held in private collections in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, the United States and across Canada.


About Morgan's Work

Using specialty glass Morgan creates traditional and non-traditional forms of art.  Using her own designs, she cuts and pieces together the glass, and through a process of gravity and controlled kiln heat, these unique art works are fused together and come to life. 


Her works include wall hangings in the forms of dream catchers, wall watches and abstract hangings.  She also creates fused glass light catchers in unique forms such as fish, wonky stars, jingle drops and Inukshuk. She also creates fused glass bowls and platters.  Her full range of works can be viewed and ordered from this website and during the summer at the Art Shack in Margaretsville, Nova Scotia.

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